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Say It Like a Pro

Essential Scripts for Private Practice Therapists

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What's Inside Say it Like a Pro?

  • This E-Book features TWENTY SEVEN essential scripts for private practice therapists.
  • Take the guesswork out of tricky conversations, so you can focus on your clinical work. 
  • Private practice therapists wear many hats; therapist, marketer, business owner, biller, scheduler, etc. Having the right words makes the difference when booking a new client, billing for a no-show, reaching out to a doctor, setting professional boundaries, building a referral network, and more. 

  • This E-book was designed to be able to live in your digital library for ease of reference and quick access. Reader apps that we suggest include Apple Books, Calibre, Freda, Adobe Digital Editions, and more…
Buy Now - $39

The Only Scripts Resource You Need to Feel Confident in your Private Practice.

Buy Now - $39